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Ad campaign: Taylor's Tales

As a cartoonist, it's always great to be asked to illustrate an advertising campaign - and even better when the campaign is going to run for a while, and promotes a product you yourself enjoy!

In early 2016, I was commissioned by London-based agency Sell! Sell! to produce a cartoon for an upcoming print ad for Yorkshire-based brewery Timothy Taylor's. The agency's directors were aware of my work for Private Eye, The Spectator and The Times - all publications in which the Taylor's adverts would appear.

I was delighted to be approached - the brief was fun and engaging, and I've been a keen drinker of Timothy Taylor's Landlord for years!

In the five years since, I've drawn a growing number of cartoons for what has evolved into an ongoing campaign (the cartooning duties are shared between myself and legendary Private Eye/Punch cartoonist Ed McLachlan).

My latest Taylor's cartoon, for a full-page ad in Private Eye (photo courtesy of Sell! Sell!)

Magazines and newspapers aside, the ads have been used on billboards and Tube posters - and my cartoons have also adorned Taylor's beer mats.

A Tube billboard on the Northen line, and a beer mat spotted in a pub in Coneythorpe, North Yorkshire

You can see all my Timothy Taylor's cartoons to date on the company's website.

Cartoons can be a fantastic way to draw the eye, lighten the mood and get your message across quickly.

To discuss a possible commission - whether corporate or private - please contact me directly.

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